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Selling Tips

http://hotsellertips.com is a free resource for property sellers. The site is loaded with extra presentation tips and live interviews from experts. It is worth having a look at.

The book “How To Sell Your Home for More” by Ray Wood is the best selling guide to making your next property sale a stunning success. If you would like this free book please contact me.

In any sale process the most important element is in your preparation in getting your home ready for a sale. The amount of effort you put in will determine whether you receive a standard price to a great price. This preparation is not hard, time consuming or expensive.

There are three methods of sale for you to choose from:

1) Private Treaty (Sale)
2) Auction
3) Tender

Each has its own advantages and it is advisable to speak to your agent about the benefits of each method.

Pre-Sale Checklist

Outside: How is your street appeal?
Here are some checklist ideas to get your home prepared for exterior photos.
- Lawns tidy
- Garden and flower beds weeded
- Timber homes look great after a wash
- Does the garden need a “cutback”?
- Front fence looking great. Could it use a paint?
- Letterbox looks good
- Street number clear and obvious
- Are trees, shrubs blocking out a view of the house or view from the house?

Inside: First impressions are almost impossible to reverse. Let’s enhance the viewing experience.
- Entrance looks great and creates a sense of arrival
- Rooms open and uncluttered
- Lots of light (artificial if required)
- Walls clean and looking good
- No smudges or marks on door jams near light switches
- Kitchen (the engine room of your home) is uncluttered, inviting and smells great
- Bathrooms clear, clean and smelling fresh
- Bedrooms ready to be “shot”. Cupboards and wardrobes uncluttered
- Living rooms open and light. Ready for the camera to help you sell for more

Post-Sale Checklist
Getting ready to move:
- Inform friends and family of new address and from when

Inform the following service provider
- Internet service provider
- Telephone service/company
- Cable / satellite / pay TV company
- Gas service / company
- Electricity service / company
- Bank
- Local postal service
- Newspaper delivery
- Cleaning service / company
- Gardening service
- Pool company
- Security / alarm company
- Insurance company (do you have cover on your next property including contents?)
- Automated payments relating to your current home/address
- Medical, optical & dental
- Schools
Arrange for (find!) spare keys to windows, garden storage buildings, garage, basement and letterbox to be available.
As a courtesy to your new owner, assemble any warranty, or instruction information booklets for appliances or other equipment.
- Get moving estimates
- Get moving/packing boxes (the moving company you select will often supply boxes in advance so you can get started)
- If possible, designate a room or area for packing and begin to pack and store the items you can. As you get closer to moving day, every minute saved will work to your advantage
- Make sure you label each box as you pack and close
- Book cleaners for AFTER your move.